Green Park Village Guesthouse, Krong Siem Reap

We had booked a stay at the Green Park Village Guesthouse due to its good reviews as part of a flight + hotel package via AirAsiaGo. Since our package includes a return airport transfer, we had made prior arrangements with the guesthouse to pick us up on the day of arrival.

Green Park Village Guesthouse Booking
Booking of 2 rooms via AirAsiaGo

Since the booking says Airport Shuttle Service, we were all expecting to be picked up by a van upon arrival like so many of our previous stays. However, our ride came in the form of a tuk tuk with 2 other ladies already seated in it and you can basically see the shocked expressions on our faces thinking that there is no way that the 4 of us will be able to fit into the tuk tuk with the other 2 ladies in it together with our bags. After a call to the guesthouse, the other 2 ladies were unfortunately asked to get off and told to wait for the next ride while the 4 of us got on and tried to place ourselves and our bags in the limited spaces that we can find.

Tuk Tuk Ride
Our ride from the airport to Green Park Village Guesthouse

A check on Agoda and indicates that a ride from the airport to the guesthouse would take around 15-20 minutes. A check on Google Map indicates that it would take at least 21 minutes (without traffic) up to 26 minutes. However, our ride in the tuk tuk took us about 30 minutes to get to the guesthouse.

We arrived at the guesthouse prior to the check-in time and had to leave our bags at the reception area. We were given 3 bicycles to use for free and had to rent one more nearby. The owner took 1.5 hrs to fix up the 3 bicycles by replacing the brakes, adjusting the seats and pumping air into the tires.

We went for our ride and arrived back at the guesthouse at 10 pm on the first day and checked in. I was not able to get a good sleep that night as I had felt a supernatural presence throughout that night. I did not bring this up until much later and got a confirmation from my friends staying in the other room that they encountered incidents where the television in their room had switched on by itself a couple of times even though they had switched it off.

No comments on the breakfast as we did not get to have our complimentary breakfast on the 2nd day. Reason being that we had to leave at 4 am the next day to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. It was evening by the time we got back. We checked with the owner for restaurants nearby to have dinner and was told that there wasn’t any nearby and had to go to the old market area which was at least 2.6 km away for food. This was a big disappointment for us as it was mentioned in both Agoda and that the guesthouse is surrounded by local restaurants which was entirely not true.

Since we were all tired after a day’s ride, we decided to settle for a dinner at the guesthouse. We ordered chicken chop and fish & chips western style and the food wasn’t great. The chicken was either too old or overcooked and the fish has a kind of fishy muddy taste.

After dinner, we requested the owner to arrange for someone to send us to the airport the next day. Our flight is to depart at 8:35 am the next day and he suggested us to leave by 6 am. He then informed us that they have a policy of charging an extra $5 if the pickup time is not between 07:00 am to 10:00 pm. Again, this was not mentioned in our booking and upon checking Agoda and, neither sites have indicated this. We paid the extra charges and waited at the reception the following day at 6 am. However, our ride only came past 6:30 am after several calls to the driver.


Our Review

Based on our experience at Green Park Village Guesthouse, our ratings are as follows:


Food:  ♥♥


Value for money♥♥♥



Looking back, I would rather book a stay near the old market where it’s easier to find food and entertainment. I would recommend Golden Takeo Guesthouse which is centrally located and within walking distance to restaurants and night markets.

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