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If DIY budget travels and adventures are what you are looking for, you are in the right place. We are here to show you how you can ‘travel more for less’ and how you can have a good time without paying exorbitant prices to enjoy the simple things in life.


Who Are We

Mt Pinatubo Crater

We are a bunch of avid adventure seeking travelers from Malaysia who loves hiking up a mountain, exploring a waterfall, snorkeling in the deep blue sea, camping in a national park and cycling from one destination to the next.

Our team is always on the look-out for the next big adventure, a brand new experience, to undertake a new challenge and to add a new accomplishment in life while sharing this journey with like-minded friends.

We believe that a journey is most memorable when it is shared with others.

Not everyone is able to travel full time due to job commitments or family commitments or financial commitments.
Therefore, we plan all our trips with minute details to save time and money as well as to avoid unknown surprises which may spoil our travel plans.

Our intention is to visit and explore as many places as possible within a limited amount of time while minimizing costs. We have been planning DIY budget travels for the past 6 years and we will show you how to maximize your trip without wasting time and money.

Planning a successful trip takes a lot of time and months of research that not many people will tend to have. Therefore, we are now making these resources available on our website so others may also be able to share in this journey.


Introducing the Team

Aileen Yong

(Travel Planner)

I am an 
IT professional who loves

to take time off to travel when

opportunity arises. I have been

planning budget DIY adventure trips

for my group of friends for the past

years. I plan and manage my trips

the same way I plan and manage

IT projects... on time, within budget

and exceeding all expectations. 🙂

The theme of my travels are all

nature based which are mostly around mountains, waterfalls,

lakes, sea and beaches.

Bettina Lin

(Travel Partner & Assistant)

I am a Taiwanese currently working

and staying in Malaysia. I love my

job as a primary school teacher and

also love to travel during school

holidays. I believe travelling helps

broaden my experience and visions

which I sometimes share with my

studentsI always encourage my

students to travel and see as many

places as they can and I do

encourage you to do so as well by

joining us on our little adventures.

Janine Foo

(Travel Planner)

I love travelling just as I love

my job, my life and everything

that comes packaged around it.

I love to plan travels as I get to see

and do the things that I want and

not be governed by tours that

takes me to places that I am not

interested in. Making the best of

limited time and resources, my

travels are all in themes of

enjoying what God has created

for us, this magnificent and

wonderful world of nature.


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We will be sharing with you places and things you can do within a fixed number of days on a budget.

We hope to inspire you with our stories and invite you to join us on our adventures.


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